Adis Halilovic was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina and moved to the United States of America in 1998. Growing up in Georgia, USA as a first-generation immigrant, Adis experienced a feeling of being different from the other kids which sparked a sense of alienation that followed him throughout school. This along with coming to terms with his queer identity affected his mental health deeply. As a reprieve, he put a big focus on academics and fell in love with the STEM field where he attended a specialized school for STEM. Having studied both Chemistry and Art while in university, he found a joy in blending the two fields in his artistic and scientific practice. 
A whole new world opened after he took his first art class while studying chemistry. He began expanding into so many media. Oil painting particularly drew him in, but his naturally explorative mind allowed him to incorporate many different media into his work. His work, while somber in theme, is vibrant in color and emotional in nature. He enjoys playing with different materials that excite the audience and push the boundaries of traditional oil paintings to new levels. Much of his artwork focuses on fear as the driving inspiration. He relates fear and mental health together to define an identity that embraces both of those difficulties. 

"My goal as an artist is to find the proper ways to discuss the difficult mental blocks that I and so many others face. My process is meditative and requires so much introspective work, so everything that I put on a canvas is a vulnerable representation of my inner world. I work hard to make sure that whatever I put in front of an audience is playful in color and imagery, but still explores deep, personal, and sociopolitical topics. I hope my artwork activates your mind and frees you to reflect deeply on your relationship with yourself and the world around you."
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